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MUSIC: Florence + the Machine’s “Shake It Out”

Originally published Oct. 2, 2011 on Intersections.

This is from Interview Magazine's feature on Flo, photography by Craig McDean. Gorgeous, no?

Halloween is cool I guess, and Fall Break’s not half bad either, but this year on October 31st, all I’m gonna be thinking about is Florence.

Florence + the Machine’s second studio album, Ceremonials, will be released in the UK on the 31st, which means I’ll start looking for the album leak around the 24th. Today, though, Flo released her first single off the album, and it is glorious. “Shake It Out” comes with two remixes: the Weeknd’s take, which Trap discusses here, and Benny Bennassi’s club take.

Before you hit those up, though, give the original track a listen. If you’re looking for inspiration, wonderment, or the slightest spark of something beautiful on this dreary Jersey Sunday afternoon, look no further. ETA: The video for “Shake It Out” was released this afternoon on Florence’s VEVO. It’s a work of art in itself, with soft, eerie lights and fades, masks and obscured angles; Flo glows almost as if from within, and the whole thing has the feel of an old-time tragedy, kind of like Titanic meets Black Swan. The way the camera’s positioned creates the rooms and ceilings for your eye–it’s perfect for the epic echoes of the song.

For more Flo: she’s done a spread with Interview Magazine that you can find here. It’s GORGEOUS, and the interview is with director Baz Luhrmann, the man who brought the world Moulin Rouge. Love and affection, favors and/or firstborn children to anyone who can find me a physical copy.

And, finally: the album sampler has appeared on Amazon with short clips of each track, and it has of course immediately appeared in compilation form on YouTube for your listening pleasure. It’s the best 6ish minutes you’ll spend all day.


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