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MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: The Head and the Heart

Originally published Jan. 11, 2012 on Intersections.

The Head and the Heart plays folk-rock of the Pacific Northwest variety with an added kick of piano rhythms and melodies that just sounds so good. These guys are one of the indie success stories of the last few years: they sold 10,000 copies of their debut by word of mouth alone before getting signed to Sub Pop and exploding all over 2011’s “Bands to Watch” lists.

Their scrappy little grassroots story might explain why I love them so damn much, but then it might also be their effortless, eminently listenable harmonies or their sweetly earnest, heart-on-sleeve lyrics and instrumentation. I think I just identify too much with their words and their sound: back in September in our Frosh Week playlists, I wrote that I heard all my feelings on the start of sophomore year in “my roots have grown, but I don’t know where they are” from “Cats and Dogs/Couer D’Alene”, but there’s also “one day we’ll all be found, no longer lost, we’re just hangin’ around” from “Ghosts” and, of course, “we’re just prayin’ that we’re doing things right” from “Winter Song”. It’s rambly, folksy music about being young–and to me, that’s refreshing and all too relatable. I just want to be friends with them! Or have them playing in the background whenever I walk to class, or when I’m just in my room. Or have them let me play tambourine in the background or something.

Everything on their eponymous debut is good, but I’ve dug up some live vids for your viewing pleasure because yes, they do sound that good without production. Take a look behind the cut.

“Ghosts”, which makes me tap my feet and nod my head and feel lots of feelings all at once.

“Honey Come Home”

“Lost in My Mind”


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