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NEWS: Compromise sought over IAS historical build site

1065 words. Originally published Jan. 16, 2012 in The Daily Princetonian.

The battle over the Institute for Advanced Study’s plans to build housing on land immediately adjacent to the Princeton Battlefield is reaching fever pitch.

Armed with a housing plan fully compliant with zoning requirements and environmental standards, the Institute went to the Princeton Regional Planning Board on Dec. 1 seeking approval for the project. After four hours of testimonies, cross-examination of expert witnesses, presentations and public comment, the board agreed to extend discussion to a Dec. 8 session. When the clock ran out on that session, too, before all witnesses had been called, the Board agreed to extend the discussion again to another public hearing on Jan. 26.

The Institute has been trying for nearly a decade to build additional faculty housing on a 7.3-acre lot situated directly between the Institute’s main campus and the Princeton Battlefield State Park. The Institute’s first proposal before the board in 2003 was rejected because of a disagreement over the size of a buffer zone between the park and the houses. The buffer zone has since been enlarged, but concerns over zoning ordinances, environmental protection and historical preservation have stalled the project.

Full article at The Prince.


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