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LDR Watch 2012: Born to Die leaks

Originally published January 24, 2012 on Intersections with the title “Roundup: Lana Del Rey’s album leaks, I continue to feel bewildered and vaguely concerned”

Earlier this month, I wrote that I was “sort of confused” by Lana Del Rey–her music, her lips, her voice, her hair: all sources of great mystery. That was before she appeared on SNL with Daniel Radcliffe in what news anchor Brian Williams called “one of the worst outings in SNL history”, signed a modeling contract, got added to the 2012 SXSW lineup, actually said in a filmed interview that she was “more of a writer” and that you “can’t expect much from [her] show”, and otherwise did everything possible, it seems, to become a meme. Hipster Runoff, a satirical website I can’t take seriously but kind of also can’t not love, has rebranded itself “Lana Delreport” (seriously, y’all, it’s hilarious, go look).

Since the Internet has now wholeheartedly embraced her and/or made her an object of ridicule/fascination, it’s only natural that her album (the deluxe version, no less!) has now leaked through the tubes of the Internet (SOPA, u mad?) a week ahead of its official release on Jan. 30 in the UK, Jan. 31 in the US. Whether Lana be devious, rebranded rich girl who can’t sing or authentic, honest musical artist now remains to be seen: it’s up to her music now to prove what she is.

To feel really bad for a girl who looks and sounds like she’s in pain and who should not have been allowed on live TV, click here and here. To read Pigeons & Planes’s hilarious list of 10 Things Lana Could Do To Stop the Hate (highlights: murder, teaming up with James Blake, getting a face tattoo), click there. To see the official tracklisting for Born to Die, plus YouTube links to each track, click the jump.

Official tracklisting for Born to Die
Links are to official YouTube uploads.
1. ‘Born To Die’
2. ‘Off To The Races’
3. ‘Blue Jeans
4. ‘Video Games’
5. ‘Diet Mountain Dew’
6. ‘National Anthem’ (clip from her official YouTube channel; search elsewhere for full version if you so desire)
7. ‘Dark Paradise’
8. ‘Radio’
9. ‘Carmen’
10. ‘Million Dollar Man’
11. ‘Summertime Sadness’
12. ‘This Is What Makes Us Girls’
Rumor has it the Deluxe Version contains three more tracks:
13. ‘Without You’
14. ‘Lolita’
15. ‘Lucky Ones’


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