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Skins announces end; I shed tears

Originally published March 8, 2012 on Intersections.

WARNING: Spoilers within

‘Skins’ will conclude after this season with a six-part farewell series, Channel 4 confirmed to The Guardian earlier today. Official sources have said nothing about the final season but a brief PR-pandering promise to “celebrate this iconic series,” but Digital Spy reports it will consist of three films broken up into six broadcasts.

Three films, three generations; this can’t be a coincidence. Some have speculated each cast will get another go-around; Perez Hilton quotes somebody official as saying we’ll get to say goodbye to “top characters.” Could it be? Will we find out if Sid and Cassie find each other in New York? Will we finally see the aftermath of Freddie’s death? Do we get to catch a glimpse of Tony sleeping his way through Cardiff, Naomi & Emily’s adventures in Goa or Maxxie and Anwar’s London bromance?

After the jump, I do my best Googling to find out where the first and second casts have been, and, more importantly, each actor’s odds of coming back for a final bow.

Give me a minute to put aside my crushing sadness and inescapable depression at the loss of one of the most daring, controversial, well-made shows we’ve seen in recent years. Over the years, ‘Skins’ has made me cry and lol, scream and rage, hit pause and stare — above all, it’s remained impossibly unique for its entire six-year run, bringing a dash of grit and realism to the tried-and-true “teen TV” genre of pretty young people mishandling their lives and loves. Skins was never pedantic or preachy the way the CW’s teen fodder tends to be, but then it never took itself as seriously as most of American primetime. Each episode was a carefully crafted love letter to one character, an ingenious framing trick that let us really get to know and connect with each kid, to see Cook lying on his back in his room, Naomi walking through crowds with her brow furrowed, Cassie being Cassie, Sid jacking off, Tony charming his way through the world — I don’t know why other shows don’t do this. Did you, like me, cry when “Hometown Glory” started playing as Cassie bit into the apple? Did you, like me, raise your eyebrows and begrudgingly smile when JJ brought the ukulele orchestra to Lana’s window? Did you, like me, spend weeks trying to make sense of Tony’s hallucination episode? I can’t even talk about Chris’s or Freddie’s deaths, Naomily, or what happened to Effy Stonem. After hours — nay, days — of my life spent watching and rewatching, downloading soundtracks and watching interviews and reading reviews, I feel like I’m about to lose three whole casts of very good friends.

Kaya Scodelario (Effy Stonem)

Effy is Skins; Skins is Effy. I’ve always suspected Effy and Kaya to bleed into each other a little (oops, word choice?). Kaya, who regularly tweets her love for Arsenal, her boyfriend and the city of Manchester under the adorable Twitter handle kayascollywogs, has been the most open, outspoken proponent of that gen2 movie we were promised but never received. Since her run ended, she’s been in an adaptation of Wuthering Heights, a film called Now is Good with Dakota Fanning, and a BBC One series called “True Love” with Billie Piper. She was also photographed crying and running outside a courthouse with her boyfriend, but that’s another story.

Odds: Good

Nick Hoult (Tony Stonem)

Can you imagine what would happen if they tried to do gen 1 without Tony Stonem? You’d better start trying: Nick Hoult’s career has only gotten bigger and better since his run as the alpha male of gen 1, charismatic asshole Tony. He’s been in the X-Men movie (where he met his current girlfriend, Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence), Clash of the Titans, A Single Man, and modeled for everything under the sun.

Odds: Shaky

Mike Bailey (Sid)

In typical Sid fashion, Mike Bailey hasn’t really done anything post-Skins except sort of diss Skins on Twitter.

Odds: Strong: I can’t imagine he wouldn’t want to reprise his biggest/only role.

April Pearson (Michelle)

In 2009, April appeared in Tormented, a film that looks pretty bad but stars fellow Very Pretty Person Alex Pettyfer. According to Wikipedia/Twitter, she’s been staying active in the theater circuit in Bristol and Worcester.

Odds: ?

Hannah Murray (Cassie)

Hannah appears to be wrapping up a degree in English lit from Cambridge. In a totally awesome stroke of coincidence, both she and Joe Dempsie have spent time on HBO’s Game of Thrones — it’s like Chris and Cassie are still wreaking havoc together out there somewhere.

Odds: I’d say good, assuming she’s not busy. Wow, I would HATE to see gen 1 without loopy, broken, beautiful Cassie.

Joe Dempsie (Chris)

I still can’t talk about Chris’s death. Monkeyman Joe Dempsie has, as I mentioned, been on Game of Thrones, but he’s also been on Skins co-creator Jack Thorne’s “The Fades” with gen 2 star Lily Loveless (see below). He was also in an episode of “Doctor Who.”

Odds: Given his character’s death, Joe’s technically not necessary, but…

Larissa Wilson (Jal)

Larissa hasn’t really done much of note since Jal, her clarinet and her love for Chris glared and said yes. She was in that Alex Pettyfer movie with April, which is yet another nice reunion, but I can’t find much else of note.

Odds: Pretty good, I’d think.

Mitch Hewer (Maxxie)

Mitch auditioned for the role of Sam on Glee in 2010! Isn’t your world better now that you know that? He’s been bulking up and trying to break into Hollywood, but I don’t think it’s working.

Odds: Pretty good, I’d say.

Dev Patel (Anwar)

Dev was in some movie called Slumdog Millionaire, which I hear a lot of people liked. (He’s still dating Freida Pinto, by the way, which is just…well done, Anwar!) He was in Shymalan’s unfortunate live-action take on Avatar: The Last Airbender, but Wikipedia says he’s about to star in a movie with Dame Judi Dench, Bill Nighy and Maggie Smith, so again…well done, Anwar!

Odds: Hard to tell — Dev’s said comparatively little about Skins. He’s always seemed thankful for the opportunity, but he’s not gunning to return to it like Kaya.

Aimee Ffion-Edwards (Sketch)

Sketch might be my least favorite character, ever. I almost forgot about her, but she’s in the Wikipedia toolbar for Skins. Aimee’s been on Broadway in “Jerusalem” and was on “Being Human” once.

Odds: idk.

Jack O’Connell (Cook)

Arguably the strongest actor of Gen 2, Jack the Lad has been busying himself with a string of serious projects. He’s been quoted as saying he’s been frustrated by being pigeonholed as a “Skins actor”, so…

Odds: :\

Luke Pasqualino (Freddie)

Freddie died, I know, but let’s be honest — the odds of Luke reappearing as a ghost are pretty good. He was in Showtime’s “The Borgias” with a terrible haircut, The Apparition with Ashley Greene and Tom Felton, and will be in the upcoming Battlestar Galactica project.

Odds: Depends on how dead Freddie is.

Ollie Barbieri (JJ)

Ollie was in a movie called Anuvahood earlier this year, and stars in some Cornetto ads with Kathryn Prescott.

Odds: Hard to say.

Lily Loveless (Naomi)

My favorite gen 2 girl has been keeping busy. She played Sadie, a girl haunted by her aborted (abandoned? stillborn? Still unclear: I was honestly too scared to pay close attention) baby, in “Bedlam” and got to be part of a girl gang in Sket. She also works on Jack Thorne’s “The Fades” with Joe Dempsie, which has been winning some awards. But okay, the exciting thing: she’s been filming a movie called Triptych with (drumroll please) Kat Prescott! Click here for the announcement (scroll a bit to find the bits about the film). No word yet on whether Lily and Kat will again play an angsty, adorable couple.

Odds: Hard to say. She’s been keeping busy and has said little about Skins.

Kathryn Prescott (Emily)

Kat’s been studying psychology at uni like she said she wanted in every interview and presser. She filmed a pilot called “Goths” that looked pretty great, but I can’t find any more information on it. She’s in an ice cream advertisement with Ollie, filmed a movie called Lethal and will be in Triptych with Lily! Catch a glimpse of her in the trailer here.
Odds: Hard to say. She’s been keeping busy and has said little about Skins.

Megan Prescott (Katie)


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