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BLOG: Developing: Monocle Debacle: Class of 2014 Beer Jacket Runoff Vote Now Between a Tiger and a Mustachioed Crest

Originally published Tuesday, Nov. 12 at The Daily Princetonian.

There is a 50 percent chance that the beer jackets for Princeton’s Class of 2014 will look like this:

The design, dubbed “The Monocle”, made it through a field of 20 designs in preliminary voting and now faces a runoff round against this tiger:

The winning design will be the beer jacket for the Class of 2014. It will make its debut during Reunions this year and be worn ever after.

The Monocle, which features a Princeton crest stylized as a mustachioed face sporting a gold monocle and bears a striking resemblance to the man on a Pringles can, moved many seniors to take to Facebook to express their intense displeasure and/or rabid fanaticism Monday night.

“There has been a lot of discussion about the runoff vote, and we are glad to see that people care so much about our class legacy,” Senior Jacket Committee members Sonya Huang ’14, Meg Partridge ’14 and Luke Cheng ’14 said in an email.

The Committee said “a majority” of the class voted in the preliminary round, and that there was “a large drop-off” in the number of votes per design after the top two.

A Facebook group emerged Monday night entitled “Haters Gon’ Hate, Vote Monocle.” At around 12:30 a.m., it had 46 members.

As Princetonian lore goes, beer jackets are a tradition dating back to 1912, when a group of merry Princetonian men drinking beers at the old Nassau Inn had a eureka moment mid-slosh. They realized many of life’s problems could be solved if they had an item of clothing designed and dedicated to being stained with beer.

Over the years, the tradition has evolved, morphing from denim overalls into today’s jackets. Each graduating class creates its own beer jacket, soliciting designs from the entire class that are then put through several rounds of voting. The jackets are worn every year at Reunions until the class’s 25th, when alumni receive their class blazers.

“Choose wisely — you will still be wearing this when you are 40!” the Senior Jacket Committee wrote in an email to the class.

Voting began Monday afternoon and ends Friday.


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