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Joke Issue: With “Ode,” sexy, fierce Frist Pianists scintillate, titillate

Originally published Jan. 11, 2013 in The Daily Princetonian’s annual joke issue. What is art, really? If anything in this world is certain, it’s that the Frist Pianists know. Princeton’s foremost Frist Campus Center-based spontaneous piano performance group opens its 2013 concert season this Dean’s Date Eve with “Ode to the Super High Bits,” an … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Man vs. Man vs. Woman vs. Food: Late-night Iron Chef

In this edition of Man vs. Man vs. Woman vs. Food, intrepid Street writers Lillian Li, Nick Ellis and Trap Yates put their culinary minds to the test and battle to concoct the tastiest dishes out of late-night dorm-room foods like Easy Mac, Nutella, Cheez-Its and pretzels. Featuring celebrity guest judging by Northeastern University’s Austin … Continue reading

Daily Princetonian pieces

STREET: Rule of Four: art history, frustration and young men pruning in ennui

367 words. Originally published Nov. 17, 2011 in The Daily Princetonian. If you like art history, frustration and young men pruning in ennui, “The Rule of Four” might be for you. The novel, penned by two childhood friends who traveled the well-worn path from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology to Princeton/Harvard and … Continue reading